Question and Answer Call: February 1, 2019

Questions Discussed

  • How do I galvanize my daughter to work, even if it’s a few hours a month?
  • How can we apply harm reduction to family mental health conflict?
  • How can adult ADHD inhibit effective parenting?
  • How do I convince my loved one to write down they have a mental illness for benefits even though they do not believe they have a mental illness?
  • My family member doesn’t ever seem to care when I try to set limits – what do I do?
  • I am worried that if I start a challenging conversation, my son will get angry and explosive in his reactions. Should I still try to talk with him?
  • What is the best way for me to recognize signs of mental illness?
  • Whenever I try to talk about mental illness, my mother does not stop talking about the bad experiences she had in treatment before. How do I get out of these trapped conversations?
  • What if someone says things that aren’t true?
  • What if someone is clearly upset but doesn’t want to discuss it?