The DRMH Initiative

The Dispute Resolution in Mental Health Initiative (DRMH Initiative) is operated by the CUNY Dispute Resolution Center (CUNY DRC) at John Jay College with MH Mediate serving as Program Consultant.  We develop programs at the intersection of mental health and conflict resolution.  Access our latest program, Conflict Compass for Family Mental Health Conflicts, by clicking here.

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The CUNY Dispute Resolution Center  is a hub of conflict resolution events, programs, and resources based at John Jay College in New York City.  It was started in 1993 with Hewlett Foundation funding. The CUNY DRC conducts research, provides technical assistance, designs innovative programming initiatives, develops training programs, organizes conferences, and maintains a popular listserv for those interested in dispute resolution. The CUNY DRC works very closely with a wide range of organizations in the NYC metropolitan area to advance the field.

MH Mediate was founded in 2012 to advance best practices in mental health communication and conflict resolution.  MH Mediate provides trainings, mediation services, and organizational consulting to help people talk about mental health, resolve conflicts, address challenging behaviors, and become accessible to diverse needs.  MH Mediate has provided programs in over a dozen states and nationally through online programs to clients including workplaces, mental health service providers, housing providers, universities, and government agencies at the city, state, and federal levels.