The CUNY Dispute Resolution Center and MH Mediate have presented a number of programs for supportive housing sites.  Below are some of our housing-focused resources.


Supportive Housing Network of New York
2017 Conference Workshop

Access video of our “Let’s Work It Out!” 2017 workshop for SHNNY below:

Click here to access more resources for SHNNY members



Healthy Conflict Culture Program

Conflict Resolution Resources for Supportive Housing
Funded by the AAA-ICDR Foundation

The Healthy Conflict Culture Program teaches conflict resolution skills and provides resources to support people through housing conflicts.  The program includes online trainings, take-away tools, and a conflict resolver directory.

Access it by clicking here.



More Resources

Click here to learn about MH Mediate’s Resolving Conflicts in Shared Living program.

Please use our contact form if you would like to access more resources to help at your housing organization.