Talking Mental Health: A Toolkit for Empowering Conversations


Click here to download the “Talking Mental Health Toolkit.”  It contains three one-page guides that can help you use conflict resolution skills to have empowering conversations about mental health:

  • Saying the Right Thing 
    Appreciate the appropriate language to describe people living with mental health conditions and times of instability; learn to use person-first language; ask productive, non-offensive questions about mental health
  • Supporting Diverse Choices 
    Understand the diverse beliefs people can form about the causes, labels and treatments for instability and the choices people may make for their mental health; validate the different choices people make about their mental health
  • Getting Past Positions 
    Expand the conversation beyond peoples’ initial positions to explore their deeper concerns and needs; learn specific tactics for challenging conversation topics

The Empowering Conversations About Mental Health Webinar

A replay of the “Empowering Conversations About Mental Health” webinar can be viewed by pressing the play button below.  The program introduces ways that conflict resolution skills can help overcome stigma and introduces each of the three guides in the Talking Mental Health Toolkit.

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